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A Day in the Life Under 2's

To begin our day in the under 2s room at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex, we arrive and set up the room and garden, ensure that all the toys and garden area are clean and safe for the children to use. At the same time, a member of staff of Jungle Monkeys Nursery ensures that the breakfast table is set up for those who are having breakfast.

As the children begin to arrive, we ensure that we are welcoming to the parents and each child. During this time parents may give us information about their child. All information that we receive is written down into a staff communications book and is verbally passed on to whom it may concern so staff is aware aware of any messages. We make sure that if a child is on medicine or if they have had an accident at home, then the relevant form is given to the parent to fill out at this point too.

Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex ensures the parents and each child are welcomedJungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex ensures the parents and each child are welcomed

Before breakfast is given to a child, they are encouraged to wash their hands. All children are encouraged to choose from a choice of cereals or toast and drink. Staff are mindful of food allergies and ‘new foods’.

For the next two hours or so children have free-flow play and sleep if their individual pattern requires it. Around 10.00 there is a break for a morning snack and a drink of their choice, milk or water. Once snack is completed the children are free to play again or they might be appropriately dressed to go out for a walk. This will depend on the weather outside and the time of the year.

After a fun packed morning we prepare for lunch, which is served at 11.30. At Jungle Monkeys Nursery, children who have a dietary requirement will have their plates served up in a yellow bowl, to visually show to staff and other children that their food is different to the main food served. Children who have allergies will be served up in a red bowl, a child who has no dietary requirements or allergies will have a blue bowl. We are encouraged to sit with the children at meal times too.

After lunch, we check the children’s clothes, nappies and prepare them for a sleep. Each child has their own cots with comforters, which they keep at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex. Children are also encouraged to brush their teeth and change in the pyjamas. All bedding is washed every other day to ensure hygiene is kept up to date. Children’s milk bottles are made in the kitchen as and when requested by parents, when bottles are finished with they are washed up and sterilized.

As children fall asleep, we record the time. We check on all the children that are in bed at 10-15 minute regular intervals to insure all the children are safe. This will change to 5-minute intervals if any child has shown signs of being unwell. Each time we check on the children, the staff member who did so initials the relevant time on our records to say they have checked on the children. Once a child falls asleep, this is recorded down as well as the time they wake up. This way we have a clear and accurate record of children’s sleep times to relay this information back to the parents at the end of the day. The room is cleaned throughout on a regular basis to keep children safe and healthy.

Children are given a tea time meal towards the end of the day at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex.Children are given a tea time meal towards the end of the day at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex.

As the children gradually wake up, they have their nappies done and then they are given an afternoon snack and play afterwards. Towards the end of the day in Jungle Monkeys Nursery, the children are given a tea time meal. This follows the guidelines of the previous meals during the rest of the day too. After the meal, the children are then checked for soiled clothes again and changed if required.

After tea, it is time to go and play again! During this one of us will ensure that all belongings that are to be sent home, including daily information is collected together ready to pass on to the parents or carers throughout the day.

On the arrival of parents and carers, one of us will speak to the parent or carer about their child’s day in Jungle Monkeys Nursery and will relay any further information to them such as accident forms or other.


Other Information that might be Useful

•    Nappies are done at set times but this is not the only time we refresh the children’s nappies, we will change them as and
      when they need at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex.
•    Formula or breast milk is not given at set times given by us. Each individual baby will have their bottles given to them at
      the same times as they would at home so that we are ensuring we are mirroring their routines at home.
•    This is also the same as sleep times. However, sometimes sleep may be interrupted by other children as we have more than
      one child at a time in the cot rooms. If any child has a disturbed sleep we will offer sleep again later on in the day.
•    Garden play is included in free flow where possible. This can sometimes include going off site to explore the local area.
•    When the children’s clothes are soiled and changed, the dirty clothes are bagged up in a nappy sack and placed on their
     individual peg space. The bag will also be named so that the clothes are easily identified if they are not on a peg.
•    We ensure that everything a child has done during the day at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex is recorded and
      written into their learning journal so we can help the child progress.

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